Don’t navigate life using a map, use a compass ~Our Sonic Bloom experience~

June 27 at 3:34pm by Music Metamorphosis

This was my 2nd  Bloom. The first time I attended Sonic Bloom  was in 2014 in South Park Colorado– yes! South Park like the animated cartoons! I was very excited to participate and experience the festival’s new home: The Hummingbird Ranch in the scenic Spanish Peaks Country. I was eager to compare and witness the[Continue Reading]

“The universe is connected and alive and we are a part of the metric of space.” – Nassim Haramein

March 8 at 1:03pm by Music Metamorphosis

SONIC BLOOM The Unified Field June 16-19 2016 11 years unifying some of the most progressive electronic innovators and live electronic acts! And it is at it again!!   Sonic Bloom is considered one of the most highly anticipated music festivals of the summer. It  is known for discovering and hosting some of the most progressive electronic innovators and[Continue Reading]

Move Over Bonnaroo, Beale Street takes Seniority

April 21 at 5:26pm by Jackson Cox

When it comes to Tennessee’s significant significant music festival, you can’t help but automatically think, “Bonnaroo”. The 700-acre property that suddenly becomes the 7th largest city in the state during the time of the big event is world renowned to fans of the music festival community all over the world. But Bonnaroo isn’t the only[Continue Reading]

Sonic Bloom~ A blossoming Experience

July 15 at 10:44am by Music Metamorphosis

Estimated arrival time: 17 hours and 44 minutes and for some reason it didn’t faze us the slightest bit. We saw it as an opportunity to explore the beautiful states of Nevada, Utah and Colorado. FOR PHOTOS CLICK HERE Passing by national parks, deserts, mountains, small towns, and meeting beautiful souls along the way willing[Continue Reading]


July 9 at 11:57am by Music Metamorphosis

Well.. YOU of course!! Your smile, Your open, non judgmental heart, your kind words Those amazing conversations we have (brief & enlightening) Your story and how similar it is to mine, your dance moves (wild and free) Your creativity, your laughter Your tears, your embrace, YOU make the forest a magical place! My experience is[Continue Reading]

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