Gratifly Music and Art Festival: A Transformational Festival with a dash of Southern Hospitality

July 17 at 10:03am by Music Metamorphosis


Gratifly Music and Art Festival (7/25-7/28 in Lake Hartwell, South Carolina) is the first transformational festival of its kind to hit the Southeast region.

What really captivated us about Gratifly Music and Art Festival was their intention. They referred to the event as a gathering for all. Music lovers, light workers, old and young, learners and teachers, flowing yogis and galactic family to co-create a congregation of pure positive intention.
Suddenly this was not just a festiva,l but the creation of a community that understood that when a large group of people gather it is a great opportunity to learn, grow, evolve, love and expand our consciousness.

We recently spoke with those who made Gratifly possible and this is our Q&A with the Gratifly team:

(MM) Who are the creators of this festival and what inspired them to create Gratifly?
(G) There are many co-creators making Gratifly possible. It is a collective effort of many like minded, multi-faceted individuals. We have also brought on various groups to take care of different departments. Some of these groups include, Tribal Council, Soul Purpose, Area 51, Lost In Sound, Vision Lab Artist Development, Kickin It Crew, The Bloom, and Evolver. The two individuals conducting the ensemble of entities are Edwin John Leskin and Ryan Fearon. They were inspired by experiences at other transformational festivals and by the depth of connections made through gathering intentionally. As the need for more opportunities to get together to celebrate, and co-create, inspire, learn and transform become clear to them, the passion for creating this event was ignited.

(MM) What do they hope to accomplish with Gratifly?
(G) A space where everyone remembers and is empowered to create, and all feel truly involved. We envision a place of deep experiential connections and heart centered interactions, where people feel safe enough to transform and gain new perspectives. We hope everyone leaves feeling a sense of renewal, transformation and like they have learned new things.

(MM) How does Gratifly stay green? (Does Gratifly have any programs within the festival supporting the environment?
Gratifly is using site-wite composting stations, all vendors are using compostable materials, along with encouraging people to bring their own dishes and silverware. We are encouraging people to carpool by requiring that each car that comes has a parking pass, and are encouraging a leave no trace/leave it better event.

Below is just a glimpse of all the transformation Gratifly Music and Art festival can bring into your life 🙂

we have taken the time to introduce to you some of the most innovated sounds. Click here 🙂

Besides the incredible music here are also a variety of other activities festival-goers can participate in such as:

Besides the incredible music playing at the Gratifly Music and Art festival they have also created a series of workshops to help establish a better connection with others, ourselves, mother nature and the universe. These are all beautiful people responsible for the workshops: Ehren Cruz, Jamie Janover, Michael Garfield, VerDarLuz, Dixon’s Violin, Clayton Gaar, Krystleyez, Edwin John Leskin, Renee Cruz, Joshua Brown, Brian Love, Gati Productions Presents, Liza Hunter (Aurelia), Julie North, Alokananda Star Bear, Ian Boccio, dima Ablessky, Taylor Pearon & John Mark Herring, Haroun Moffatt, Gabriel Rollano, Dominique Warfield, AnyaEl, Sybil St. Claire, Gina McGrath, Julia “Jewels” Hartsell, Michael Parisi, Alexander, Nnenne Onyioha, Scotty Karas, Marcel Anton, Nick Joyce, Abraham Nabors, Maddie Moore, David John Weber, Aviva Vuvuzela, Slacklibrium, Dee Eggers, Intentional Communities Discussion Panel.

Gratifly will explore new modes of artistic expression by bringing us an innovative Visionary Gallery and an Installation City designed to engage, inspire, and excite.
Andrew Wagner, Michael Garfield, Andy Reed, Olivia Curry, Bonnie Goodson, Rae Vena, Christian Jaxheimer, Randal Roberts, Dela, Sam Farrand, Emily Kell, Sarah Tracy, Jeff Wood, Stephen Wells, Krystle Smith, Justin Totemical.

Yoga offerings from: Devon Sweeney, Alokananda Star Bear, Joaquin De Teresa of BoomYoga, SriMati- Kristen Hughes, Mackenzie Eason, Will Franchot and Sadie Ranen, Kelsey Armbruster, Lia Curtis-Fine, Denise Porter Kemp, Anna M. Maynard, Emily Kariang Kaur, Carla and Scott (Partner Balance)

For several hours each day of the festival, there will be time slots for participants to sign up for massage/ healing sessions with; massage therapists, shamans and energy workers. Every participant is welcome; donation and trade is suggested but not mandatory. To truly shine your light as bright as can be, your vessel must be kept healthy as well.
Meet the healers: KC Schweickert, Kennedy, Devon Sweeney, Yoga Christy, Aurelia, Liza Hunter, Sri Mati, Kirsten Hughes, dima Ablessky , Natalie Decharia, Jen Leo Thompson, Meryl Kerns, Lionel Semedo, Cara Joy, Lindsey Talia Gaby, Joshua Brown, Jenna Hoff.

We have a feeling that Gratifly will be a transformative experience. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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